If you’re looking for a professional house cleaning service in the South Bay or San Francisco Peninsula area of California, or the Calgary area in Alberta, Canada, we hope you’ll give Maria G House Cleaning a try. We believe a clean house makes a happier, healthier home, and we’re committed to delivering that through our expert cleaning services. 

Maria G House Cleaning provides cleaning services not only the way you want it, but also when you want it with cleaning schedules that are convenient for you. We clean your house so you can relax! During our FREE in-home walk-through, our owner, Maria, will listen to your needs and determine exactly what frequency is right for you.

Maria G House Cleaning
Maria G House Cleaning
We provide:
Weekly Cleaning
Bi-Weekly Cleaning (every 2 weeks)
Tri-Weekly Cleaning (every 3 weeks)
Monthly Cleaning (every 4 weeks)
One-Time Cleaning
Move In / Move Out Cleaning
Maria G House Cleaning
Maria G House Cleaning
Floors vacuumed
Hardwood floors cleaned with hardwood floor cleaner
All furniture dusted
Windows trim and sills dusted
Ceiling fans and hanging light fixtures dusted
Blinds dusted with vacuum or swiffer as needed
Glass panes cleaned
Area rugs vacuumed or shaken outside
High/low dusting every other visit or as needed
              All molding dusted every other visit or as needed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Floors vacuumed and mopped
Shower stalls cleaned, disinfected, and mold spots treated
Shower doors cleaned and polished
Tubs disinfected and soap residue removed
Toilets disinfected - cleaned inside and outside
Vanities disinfected
Plumbing fixtures wiped down
Mirrors polished
Cabinet fronts wiped down
Baseboards, wall switches, and doorknobs disinfected
Light fixtures wiped down and shined
High/low dusting every other visit as needed
Floors vacuumed
Solid surfaces dusted (nightstands, dressers, etc.)
Mirrors polished
Lamps dusted
Closets vacuumed
Area rugs vacuumed or shaken outside
High/low dusting every visit or as needed
Ceiling fans dusted every visit or as needed 
Floor vacuumed and mopped with an all-purpose cleaner
Stovetop cleaned of drips or spills
Microwave cleaned inside and outside
Counters wiped with an all-purpose cleaner
(items on the counter will be moved - not wiped around)
Appliances to be cleaned (refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, etc.)
Sink cleaned and polished
Cabinets spot wiped for spills and drips
High/low dusting